Job Description: Guide for Umrah and Hajj


Before the trip:

·        Collect customers' passport at BookingHajj HQ prior to the travel date

·        Prepare and process the VISA at the Saudi consulate in Brussels for your group

·        Liaise with customers via phone and email to chase missing information / details and answer questions

·        Hold 2-3 sessions with customers to introduce yourself as their guide and key point of contact, introduce the company and prepare them for the trip (journey, tips / advices, the do's & don'ts, etc.)

·        Ensure all relevant information is captured on systems (Health, contact, administrative, etc.)


During the trip:

·        Coordinate the group – communicate clearly and in advance what the group needs to do at each step of the trip

·        Coordinate our local suppliers (transportation, hotels, etc.) to ensure the journey is smooth and our customers receive the best in class experience they've been promised

·        Be available 24/7 to the group - Your phone is always on and you're always available and visible

·        Be enthusiastic and build enthusiasm when morale is down or things are not running as planned

·        Be particularly attentive to customer feedback and adjust your service accordingly

·        Be able to resolve issues on the fly, and to focus on solutions rather than just flagging the problem

·        Capture and write down all customer remarks or process improvement into our Quality Performance system

·        Be socially connected and post news feed about your group on our Instagram & Facebook pages


After the trip:

·        Take feedback videos of the customers in your group, have each person fill in the feedback form and hold a small discussion to understand what went well and what needs improvement

·        Create a sub-group on social media for people to keep contact




Technical competencies

Educational background required


Professional experience


-------------------------------- --------------------------------

Skills required

Sociable and create positive/relaxed atmosphere


Independant & team player

Problem solver

Conflict resolution

Structured thinker


Be customer and result oriented

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Knowledge required

Good knowledge of Hajj and Umrah journeys, and basic islamic jurisprudence around Hajj and Umrah

Basic IT & social media

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Languages required

Arabic is required, French or Dutch required, English is considered a plus


Specific required experience and abilities which could only be gained in a different, earlier function, and which is at least desirable, if not required?



Please email your cv, cover letter, at the following address :