Traveling with Booking Hajj

Travelling with Booking Hajj

Step 1 : Book your package

  1. Book your package
  2. Print the checklist you receive by email
  3. Your guide phone number will be provided

Step 2 : Get vaccinated

  1. We recommend you to discuss about it with your doctor
  2. Here are the recommended places to get your vaccines 
  3. Get a vaccination passport and record all your vaccine doses in it

Step 3 : Apply for the VISA

  1. Drop your passport at our office : rue de la Cambre 228 - 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
  2. We will email you as soon as your passport is ready. Pick up your passport at our office

Step 4 : Travel leg 1 - BRU> (escale)

  1. Arrive at the Zaventem airport 2h30 before take off
  2. Please meet your guide at the “départ” building – next to luggage dropping point
  3. Insure you take your Ihram clothing with you in the cabin (hand luggage)

Step 5 : Travel leg 2 - (escale) > JED

  1. Once you arrive at the escale – dress on your ihram clothing
  2. Start the Umrah Ritual
  3. Enjoy your flight to Saudi Arabia
  4. Laybak Allah

Step 6 : Travel leg 3 - JED/MED (airport) > MEC/MED (hotel)

  1. Please gather and follow your guide to the bus
  2. This step is usually the most inefficient as the Jeddah/Medina as both Airports are bottlenecks for pilgrims

Step 7 : Enjoy your stay - Meccah / Medina

  1. Enjoy your stay in this holy city
  2. Forgive and be patient

Step 8 : Travel leg 4 - MEC/MED > JED/MED (airport)

  1. Please prepare your luggage the day before the departure
  2. Meet your group and guide at the hotel Lobby at the departure time

Step 9 : Travel leg 5 - JED/MED > Airport BRU

  1. Don’t forget to bring back a little bit of ZamZam water and good saudi dattes
  2. Enjoy your flight
  3. Please fill in the feedback report and let us know what you liked and what we could improve

Step 10 : Welcome back home!

Enjoy your return into the reality
Al hamdulillah