Visa requirement



  • You are Muslim. Mecca, Medina, and there surroundings are only accessible to Muslims. The rest of Saudi Arabia is open to the non Muslims.
  • Biometric passport should be valid for, at least, 6 months after the return date
  • Photocopy of your ID card. You have to be citizen or resident from the departing country.
  • If you are Belgian and expatriate, you can apply to a pilgrim VISA either from Belgium or from your Residency country.
  • For instance: If you are Moroccan with a Tourist Schengen VISA, you cannot apply to a Hajj/Umrah Visa from an EU country
  • Certificate of vaccination for Menigitis A+C+Y+W135
  • Provide 2 recent pictures
  • If you are a woman below 45 years old – you have to be accompanied by a Mahram
  • If you have a non Muslim first name / last name. You need to provide an attestation that you are Muslim.


How to get a VISA?

  • You can’t apply directly to the Saudi consulate in your country for a pilgrim VISA
  • You have to go through a recognized travel agent by the Saudi Authorities (please check the pitfalls page)
  •, which is your local operator (approved by the ministry of Hajj) tour will be printed on your visa


Points of attention

Umrah and Hajj visas are typically valid for 30 days from the date of entry to Saudi Arabia. Booking-Hajj will insure that your departure flight is scheduled before the expiring date.
Please don’t overstay your Hajj or Umrah. Penalties for overstays may include detention pending deportation proceedings and a ban on returning to Saudi Arabia in the future.


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